Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Great movie quotes you might not have heard of : [Herod [Gene Hackman]is about to have a gunfight with Cort [Russell Crowe]] John Herod (Gene Hackman) : How are you feeling, Cort? I'm nervous. It takes a lot to scare me...I love the sensation. In what a lot of people dismiss as a b-movie cash-in on the success of Unforgiven, I have a huge soft spot for The Quick and the Dead. Although Sharon Stone is eminently forgettable in the 'main' role, the support cast is a dream of character actors : Leonardo DiCaprio, Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe, Lance Henrikssen, Pat Hingle, Tobin Bell, Keith David... Hackman's character has always taken all before him, perpetually pushing for a challenge and a change from his perpetual ennui. His upcoming fight with Cort (Russell Crowe) provides this challenge, and provokes the quote above, both showing his respect for Cort and his acknowledgement that this may be the challenge he has been seeking.


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