Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sitting here with the Smurfette watching Lost and I've never heard of a more appropriate name for a show at the moment.

Haven't they done about seventeen flashbacks for each of the major characters already? If the rumours of this show being signed up for another 55 episodes are true, this could get very ugly. "Tune in tonight, as we find out how Jack dealed with the first time his wisdom teeth began to breach his gume, and Sawyer finally explained how his beard has hovered for three months between clean-shaven and fully shaggy!!"


The Amazing Race is on at 9.30 but its lost a lot of the pizzazz since Rob and Amber have been eliminated. As long as Mirna and Charla don't win, I'll be happy. Actually, in a startling reversal of my normal inclinations, I'm actually barracking for the two blonde beauty queens (!!) Anyway, after a week of actually not picking up any comics, I finally get to visit Mitch and Mark and Comics R' Us this weekend, and pick up two weeks worth.

Am particularly looking forward to getting issue #7 of the Boys, after the long hiatus associated with the shift from DC to Dynamite. Hopefully its just as R-rated as it used to be when it was trashing the JLA.

Friday tomorrow!!!


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